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Monday, June 13, 2011

CBSE or NCERT Science Class 6th Test Paper -1 From Chapter 3 - Fibre To Fabric

M.M: 35 marks                                                                                                          Dated: 31/05/2011
Time: 1 hour  

Q 1: Write True or False plus also write the correct answer in case of false ones (1 mark each x 10 = 10 marks)

i. Cotton fibres have a smooth surface - _____________

ii. Jute fibres are weak in strength - _______________

iii. Jute is obtained from its flower - ________

iv. Coconut fibres are very rough and tough - __________

v. Cotton crops are grown in brown soil - ____________

vi. Nylon and plastic fibres are smooth - ___________

vii. Cotton crops need cold climate - ____________

viii. Yarn is made from fabrics - ______________

ix. Polyester is a natural fibre - ___________

x. Silk fibre is obtained from stem of a plant - __________

Q 2: Fill in the blanks                                                                                    (1 mark each x 10 = 10 marks)

i. Yarn is made of _______________

ii. The fruits of the cotton plant are called __________ _________

iii. The separation of cotton fibres from the seeds by combing is called ___________

iv. In India, jute is mainly grown in _____________ and ___________ (more than one word may come).

v. The process of making yarn from fibres is called ____________

vi. Depending on the type of sources from which the fibres are obtained, they can be classified into two types: _______ or __________

vii. Fabric from yarns is made by ___________ and ___________

viii. Plant fibres are obtained from ____________ and ____________

ix. Animal fibres are ___________ and _________

x. Linen is made from the fibres of ___________ plant.

Q 3: Name two items that are made from coconut fibres.                                                                (1 mark) 

Q 4: In which season is jute cultivated in India?                                                                               (1 mark)

Q 5: Why do we wear clothes? Give two reasons.                                                                         (2 marks)

Q 6: Why is it necessary to make yarn from fabrics for making clothes?                                          (1 mark)

Q 7: What is one difference between wearing and knitting?                                                             (1 mark)

Q 8: What is a loom? How many types of looms are there? Explain.                                               (3 marks)

Q 9: Which three devices are used to make yarn from fibres?                                                         (1 mark)

Q 10: How can you show that knitted fabrics are made of single yarn running throughout the fabric? (1 mark)

Q 11: Name two materials which were used by the people in ancient times to cover themselves.     (2 marks)

Q 12: Name two types of clothing which are still used in unstitched form in our country.                 (2 marks)

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