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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Answers to Science Class 6th Test Paper 1 From Chapter 1 – Food: Where Does It Come From

Answers to Science Class 6th Test Paper From Ch. 1 – Food: Where Does It Come From
M.M: 37 marks                                                   Dated: 06/07/2011
Time: 45 minutes

A 1: Fill in the blanks                        (1 mark each x 22 = 22 marks)

       i.          Parrots eat only herbivores products.
     ii.          Two animals that eat only plants are cow and deer. (Other answers could be: elephants, giraffes, horse, rabbit, sheep)
   iii.          Two animals that are omnivores are bears and rats. (Other answers could be: pigs, chickens, humans and cats)
   iv.          Two animals that are carnivores are lions and tigers. (other answers could be: dogs, leopards, cheetahs, cats, foxes and whales)
     v.          Food items that provide us energy are carbohydrates and fats.
   vi.          Two body building foods are proteins and carbohydrates.
vii.          Two edible parts of the plants are root (carrot) and fruit (tomato). (Other answers could be: Seeds – beans and flower – broccoli)
viii.          Two oil yielding plants are sunflower and mustard. (other answers could be: Olive, Soyabean, Castor, Almond and Peanut etc.)
   ix.          The energy producing component of food is carbohydrate.
     x.          Nutrients required for the growth of our body are proteins.
   xi.          The indigestible material in food is known as roughage.
xii.          We get protein from wheat. (Other answers could be: rice, oats, barley, peas, beans, almonds and peanuts).
xiii.          We get sugar from sugarcane.
xiv.          Oil is a plant product and ghee is an animal product.
xv.          Two plants whose roots are used as food are carrot and radish. (Other answers could be: beet, sweet potato and turnip).
xvi.          Two plants whose flowers are used as food are sunflower and jasmine. (Other possible answers could be: gladiolus and dandelion).
xvii.     When the seeds begin to grow or germinate by developing tiny roots, they are called sprouts.
xviii.  Two sources of food are plants and animals.
xix.        The green plants make their own food by the process of photosynthesis.
xx.          Based on the type of food eaten, Kingfisher is carnivores animal.
xxi.       Based on the type of food eaten, Pig is omnivores.
xxii. Based on the type of food eaten, Hippopotamus is herbivores.

Q 2: What are food producers and food consumers? Give one example of each.                                                                  (2 marks)

   A 2: As the name implies, food producers are plants that  
   manufactures food. Food producers are also known as autotrophs 
   (auto means self and troph means nourishing). One example of 
   food producers is plants.
   Food consumers are those that eat food, examples being humans 
   and animals who get food from plants directly by eating them or 
   indirectly by using their parts as fruits and vegetables. One example 
   of food consumers is animals.
   Q 3: What do the following eat:                                          (2 marks)
     i). House lizard  
     ii). Butterfly        
   A 3 i). House lizards eat small insects, worms and flies.
   A 3 ii) Butterflies eats mostly nectar from flowers. They also eat 
   pollens, dung, sand and dirt for minerals and rotten fruits.
   Q 4: Who produces honey? What is the name of structure where 
   honey is stored?                                                                    (2 marks)
   A 4: Honeybees produce honey.
   The name of the structure where honey is stored by honeybees is 
   called hives.
   Q 5: Give examples of two plants whose leaves are eaten as food.   
    (2 marks)
   A 5: Two examples of plants whose leaves are eaten as food are 
   spinach and cabbage. Other examples of such plants whose leaves 
   are eaten as food are young mustard, turnip, carrot, radish and 
   Q 6: What do you understand by ingredient? Write major 
    ingredients of:                                                                      (2 marks)
   i). Idli    
   ii). Kheer                     
   A 6 i). Ingredient means the component or constituent that     
   combines with other ingredients to make something.
   Ingredients of Idli are rice, urad dal, salt and water.
   Ingredients of kheer are rice, milk and sugar.
   Q 7: Draw a plant and label it parts – roots, bud, stem and leaf.          (2 marks)
A 7: The plant is drawn on left and its required parts are labelled.

   Q 8: What is the difference between beef and pork?           (1 mark)
   A 8: The flesh of bull ox and cow is known as beef.
   The flesh of a pig is known as pork.
   Q 9: In what two ways, we can help for providing food to many 
   people?                                                                                 (2 marks)
   A 9: We can help in providing food to many people by following 
  1. By not wasting any of the food in any form such as raw fruits and cooked vegetables etc.
Wastage of food leads to the shortage of food and can be avoided if we eat wisely and do not waste food in any form
  1. Producing more food in fields.
Production of more food in the fields by farmers can also lead to more output of food and its supply to more people.

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