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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

CBSE Class 6 Science Model Test Paper From Chapter 4 - Sorting Materials Into Groups

M.M: 30 marks                                                   Dated: 27/07/2011
Time: 40 minutes
Q 1: Why a tumbler is not made of paper or cloth?              (1 mark)
Q 2: On what two criteria, do we choose a material for making an object?                                                                                   (2 marks)
Q 3: What do you understand by lustre? Name two substances that have lustre.                                                                            (2 marks)
Q 4: When will you call a material hard and when will you call it soft? Give two examples each of hard material and soft material.        (3 marks)
Q 5: What will happen when you mix water with                (3 marks)
  1. Sand?
  2. Chalk powder?
  3. Sawdust?
Q 6: What do you understand by transparent, translucent and opaque material? Give two examples of each.                                  (6 marks)
Q 7: Write two materials that float on water and two materials that do not float on water.                                                             (2 marks)
Q 8: Pick the odd one out from the given materials and explain the reason for picking it.                                                               (1 mark)
Sugar, Salt, Sand and Copper sulphate
Q 9: Give one example that shows that the property of oxygen mixing with water is useful?                                                   (1 mark)
Q 10: Write two liquids that are soluble in water and two liquids that are insoluble in water.                                                            (2 marks)
Q 11: Write two materials that are attracted by a magnet and two materials that are not.                                                             (2 marks)
Q 12: Write True or False for the given statements. Correct the false statements.                                                                             (5 marks)
  1. A non glossy notebook has lustre while a new metallic spoon does not have lustre - __________
  2. Materials that allow heat to pass them are called insulators - _________
  3. Liquids that mix with water area called immiscible - ___________
  4. Clouds are an example of transparent material – __________
  5. Flour is soluble in water - __________

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