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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

CBSE Science Class 6 Model Paper From Chapter 2 - Components Of Food

M.M: 57 marks                                                   Dated: 26/07/2011
Time: 1 hour
Q 1: Fill in the blanks (1 mark per question x 18 = 18 marks)
  1. _________ are the ingredients that contain some component needed by our body.
  2. The major nutrients in our food are ____________, __________, _______, _________ and __________.
  3. The main carbohydrates found in our food are the form of ______ and _________.
  4. While doing test for starch in a food item or raw ingredient, 2-3 drops of ________ solution is put in the item being tested.
  5. When test for starch in a food item is done, the ________ colour is obtained.
  6. While doing test for fats in a food item, an ______ patch on paper shows that the food item contains fat.
  7. The white portion of boiled egg will have ______ in it.
  8. Milk will have __________ and ________ in it.
  9. Carbohydrates mainly provide ________ to our body.
  10. Proteins are needed for the __________ and _______ of our body.
  11. _________ help in protecting our body against diseases.
  12. Names of two common vitamins are vitamin ____ and vitamin _____.
  13. Vitamin _____ keeps our skin and eyes healthy.
  14. Mango, Papaya, Carrot, and Liver are rich in vitamin ______.
  15. Lemon, Amla, Guava and Orange are rich in vitamin ______.
  16. Rice is a ________ rich source of food.
  17. Lack of vitamin ______ can cause loss of vision.
  18. Diseases that occur due to lack of nutrients over a long period are called __________ _____________.
Q 2: In brief, write how will you do a test for protein in a food item?                                                                                                  (3 marks)
Q 3: Write two nutrients that provide us energy.                  (2 marks)
Q 4: Foods containing which nutrient are called body building foods?   (1 mark)
Q 5: What helps in keeping our eyes, bones, teeth and gums healthy?    (1 mark)
Q 6: Which vitamin helps our body to use calcium for bones and teeth?                                                                                      (1 mark)
Q 7: Write four sources of vitamin D.                                   (2 marks)
Q 8: Write four sources of vitamin B.                                   (2 marks)
 Q 9: What do you understand by roughage? What is its use in our body? Which products in our foods provide roughage?        (3 marks)
Q 10: In the given table, fill two sources of each of the minerals.        (4 marks)
Sources of iodine
Sources of phosphorus
Sources of iron
Sources of calcium
Q 11: What are the two purpose of water in human body?   (2 marks)
Q 12: Define balanced diet.                                                    (1 mark)
Q 13: In the given table, complete the disorder column by filling the name of disorder and symptom column by filling one symptom for the corresponding lack of given vitamins/minerals.                    (4 marks)
Deficiency of vitamin/mineral
Name of disorder
Vitamin D
Vitamin C
Q 14: Deficiency of vitamin B1 causes which disorder and what are its two symptoms?                                                                  (3 marks)
Q 15: Lack of iodine causes which disease and what are its two symptoms?                                                                             (3 marks)
Q 16: What are the two symptoms of loss of vision disorder?            (2 marks)
Q 17: Write True or False, Correct false statements wherever relevant.                                                          (1 mark x 5 = 5 marks)
  1. Chips are good source of dietary fibre - _________
  2. Only some of the deficiency diseases can be prevented by taking a balanced diet - __________
  3. Obesity means being too much thin - __________
  4. Vitamins and minerals are there on skins of many vegetables and minerals - _________
  5. Cooking results in loss of certain nutrients - _________

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